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Moving to an updated server cluster

December 18, 2014

I've almost finished moving my sites to my updated Banana Pi server cluster.  I've add multi-site functionality to Pyplate so that several sites can be run on a single server, and I've added MySQL support so that I can run database servers on separate nodes.  All nodes are synhronized with each other, and I've set up the load balancer.  

The load balancer runs Apache on Ubuntu 14.  It has two virtual host files, one for, and a generic virtual host for all other traffic.  The generic virtual host forwards requests to any of the nodes in the Banana Pi web server cluster.

I've set up a cluster of four Banana Pi web servers, and four database servers.  I have another four Banana Pis that I was originally using to host my Banana Pi site which are now spare.  I'm goint to set up the latest version of Pyplate on the spare Pis and create another web server cluster to work in conjunction with the one I've just built.  This will provide a total of eight server nodes in the latest server build, and only four database servers.  Most pages are cached on the server nodes, so there is very little load on the database cluster.

I'm still putting the finishing touches to a new site about web servers.  I plan to publish it pretty soon. 


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