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April 27, 2013

I've recently made some changes to the Pyplate web site.  I was hosting it on a PC, but now I've moved it to my Banana Pi server cluster

While I was working on the site I also removed the forum.  There wasn't much activity on it, and it was a security risk.  It was a target for spammers and configuring antispam plugins was a pain.

I'm replacing the forum with this blog. I'm going to use it to post updates about Pyplate related things I've been working on.  I'll also use it to answer questions from people who contact me with questions about Pyplate.

There are still a few things I need to do with this blog.  I need to create a 'recent posts' widget to show in the sidebar instead of the usual site index.  I need to show publish dates on posts, and I also want posts to be displayed in reverse order on this blog.

I've started work on a new site about web servers which will also be hosted on the Banana Pi cluster.  I hope to publish it in the next week or two.


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