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HTML5 Sections and improvements to the blog layout

February 21, 2015

I've done a lot of work on the theme on  It's now more responsive and uses HTML5 sections on the first page.  I've made some changes to Pyplate so that there is more flexibility in the way posts are displayed. 

HTML sections can be given a class attribute to set the styling on a per section basis. At the moment there's no way to do this in the admin UI - you need to export the database, edit the XML field for a section, and then re-import the database.

I've updated with the same theme, so that site is also responsive now. 

I finally got around to fixing some issues with this blog. Posts are now displayed with the newest at the top, which is more appropriate for a blog. The date a post was published is now shown under the header. I still need to change the order in which posts are displayed in navigation widgets.

There's a bug in the import/export database code that means the time is lost from the datetime object and the time is displayed as 00.00.00. I need to track that down and fix it.

I'm considering releasing an updated version of Pyplate quite soon.  I've made a lot of changes to it in order to use it on my Banana Pi cluster, but I haven't released the version I'm working with. Once I've finished the new functionality, Pyplate will be a much better tool than it was.

I might drop SQLite support in the next version of Pyplate. Supporting more than one database will make testing and development harder, so Pyplate will just support MySQL in future.

If I release a new version of Pyplate, I will also need to update the installation scripts and documentation on this site. That's probably going to take a while, so it's going to be a few months before a new version of Pyplate is available. 


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