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A new theme for Pyplate's admin area

March 08, 2015

The redesign of the front page of seems to have worked well.  Google Analytics shows that the bounce rate has dropped, and the number of pages per session has increased since I put the new theme in place. There has also been an increase in the number if visitors using tablets.

I'm developing a new theme specifically for the admin area. I want to build an admin area that looks reasonably professional, and I don't want to have to redesign the admin area every time I build a new theme, so it makes sense to use a common theme for the admin area on all Pyplate web sites.

The updated admin area has a page which lists all the files in Pyplate's templates directory, and buttons to either edit or delete those files. This is an improvement on the current version of the admin area where only the banner and footer templates can be edited.

I've also added an uploads page where you can upload files that you want to make accessible on your site.  This is useful for uploading images, pdfs or media files.

I've been using these glyphicons to add some icons to the admin area. I bought the Pro set so that I can use them in lots of different sites, and because I wanted them in different resolutions. You can see some of them in use on the front page of this site.

The admin theme isn't finished yet.  I need to make several tables responsive. On narrow screens I want the first cell in each row to appear above the other cells. It's hard to get this to work the way I want it to work on all browsers, so I'm thinking abobut giving up on using table tags and using divs instead.

I've been experimenting with Skrollr, which is a Javascript library for adding animation to a web page. It seems like a really interesting tool for adding flare to a web site. Check out these demos:

There's also a tool for animating scrolling down a page when a link to an anchor is clicked on.  I've had a hard time making this scroll smoothly, but it looks quite cool. 

I considered using WOW, but this only does animation when users scroll down, and when a page is loaded. Skrollr seems to work more flexibly.


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